Sunday, August 21, 2011

Exterior Designs

Ambient Lighting

lights above dinning tables:
-uses low light intensity
-highlights the antique colour of the wood furniture
lights at the counter:
-fluorescent white spotlights
-lights up the counter area
lights near the wall:
-spotlights are placed on the ceilings near the wall
-light is shone onto the wall
-looks exquisite and classy

Unique Design

The shape of it has to be unique. In this case the unique design of it is it being circular and having circular windows. It gives a "natural" feel because of the facet that it is build with wood. The roof of this building has a solar panel showing that it is environmentally friendly. Users are also able to plant at the top of the roof

Unique Colours

The color wheel is useful in that it shows the relationship between warm and cool colors. This is called color temperature and relates to the sense of temperature each color imparts.
The colors on the red side of the wheel are said to be warm because they are associated with warm phenomina. The green side implies cool phenomina. These color temperature designations are absolute.
More subtle color temperature relationships are relative. One red can be warmer or cooler than another for instance.
Color temperatures effect us both pshchologically and perceptually. They help determine how objects appear positioned in space. Warm colors are said to advance -- they appear closer to the observer. Cool colors are said to recede -- they appear farther from the observer.
Thus, that is why usual uses like hot water and cold water are red and blue respectively.

An example:
The xiamen underwater world is painted blue for that cooling effect.

Texture by idris
Texture expresses the quality of materials. Lighting effects also affects the texture making the materiel look glossy, rough or in a different color.


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